Funding flows for sun protection

17 Mar 2016 Corryong Courier, Corryong VIC (General News) Three Corryong organisations have been the beneficiaries of the state governments shade grants program. Member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes, has announced that more than 70 community organisations and facilities would receive funding to provide much needed protection from harmful UV rays by increasing the provision of shade in the community. The three local groups to receive funding are: Corryong Swimming Pool and Skate Park $48,500 for built and natural shade as well as sunscreen; Corryong and Upper Murray A & P Society $12,250 for portable shade structure; and Corryong Health and Fitness Centre $2,500 for hats and sunscreen. Ms Symes is visiting Corryong today and will inspect the facilities that have received funding. She said Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and in 2014 melanoma was the fifth most common cancer in Victoria. Its estimated that 40,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in Victoria every year. Shade is a simple and effective way to protect ourselves from the sun and by doing so reduces the likelihood of deadly skin cancer, Ms Symes said. The government has committed $15 million for skin cancer prevention initiatives, including $5 million for SunSmart education campaigns and $10 million in grants for shade in public places. Organisations throughout the Northern Victoria electorate will share in more than $200,000 worth of grant funds to use to build new shade structures, repair existing shade, purchase portable shade or create natural shade by planting trees. The grants can also be used to purchase hats and sunscreen to further protect the community from the harsh rays of the sun. Priority for grants has been given to country areas with high rates of skin cancer and mortality and areas of socioeconomic disadvantage. We all love spending time outdoors but it is important we are adequately protected from the sun when UV levels are high, Ms Symes said. Skin cancer is a major health issue for Victorians, yet its mostly preventable. Thats why the people of country Victoria need to be sun smart. These grants will provide our community with more shaded areas so everyone can enjoy their time outdoors safely. While in Corryong today Ms Symes is expected to make a major announcement regarding funding for the redevelopment of the towns airport. Copyright Agency licensed copy (