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COMMUNITY WARRNAMBOOL HEROIC Warrnambool Fire Brigade members were remembered on Sunday, with a replica Horrocks Shield awarded to the station. The shield was awarded to Victorian brigades in the early 1900s whose members had been recognised for acts of outstanding bravery. The CFAs associate chief officer Bob Barry presented the replica shield to the brigade. Back in the day the shield was awarded in recognition of valour, Mr Barry said. The original shield is still at Fiskville. It is quite large, over a metre high. Mr Barry said individual recipients received a framed photograph of the shield, while their brigade held onto the trophy until it was awarded again to another brigade. The original shield was donated by an English material company in 1904. Warrnambool brigade secretary Bryan Wills said the Warrnambool Fire Brigade had been awarded the shield twice once in 1919 and 19 years later in 1938 Warrnambool is unusual in that we have held the shield twice, Mr Wills said. In 1919 Captain Robert Wood rescued Thomas Sutton, who had fallen at Gaults Cave, near Lake Gillear. A young lad had fallen down the cliff and the brigade lashed ladders together, Mr Wills said. Wood carried him up the cliff in the dark. The second valour award was given to members of the Warrnambool brigade in 1938. Station keeper Stan Tinker, Lieutenant Leslie Smith and fireman George Wood carried out a rescue, also at Lake Gillear. Three members of the brigade were recognised on the shield, Mr Wills said. In that case someone was hit in the head with a rock and fell down the cliffs at Lake Gillear in a similar spot to the first incident. Again they went down and tied the ladders all together and dragged the boy up. Fourteen-year-old Thomas Hand had to be carried 150-feet up the ladders. Mr Wills said fire brigades no longer depended on ladders to complete cliff rescues. Members of the brigade put on a demonstration at the ceremony, using current rescue equipment. The brigades fire trucks were also on display at the presentation and members of the the Wood and Tinker family delivered speeches at the ceremony. More than 40 people attended the commemoration service. Caption Text: REPLICA: The Horrocks Shield was given to Warrnambool Fire Brigade officer in charge Henry Barton, by the CFAs associate chief officer Bob Barry at a ceremony on Sunday.