Roo crossings probe

05 Feb 2016 Gannawarra Times, Gannawarra (General News) THE Victorian Government has started a trial in country Victoria to help identify where kangaroos and wombats are most likely to be a hazard to vehicles. Labor Member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes, said as part of the trial, VicRoads would use GPS technology to log each location where deceased kangaroos, wombats and other wildlife are found. Ms Symes said the data would then be analysed to pinpoint wildlife crossing hot spots. Kangaroo and wombat strikes are an increasing hazard on Victorian roads and frustration for motorists, particularly in the summer months, she said. Measures such as wildlife corridors, animal underpasses and rope bridges on major roads, already play an active role in minimising the threat and impacts of animals crossing Victorias major roads. The trial is due to be completed by the end of 2016. Copyright Agency licensed copy (