Avenel junction to be made safer

07 Mar 2018 Euroa Gazette, Euroa VIC (General News) VicRoads and council to spend $40,000 THE Andrews Government has announced it will make the notoriously complex intersection between Longwood-Avenel Road, Queen Street and Bank Streets in Avenel, safer. The intersection has long been complained about, and plans are afoot to make it both safer and easier to navigate, with new line marking and asphalt to be installed in the coming weeks. Labors Jaclyn Symes (MLC, Northern Victoria) said the community has raised with her concerns about the intersection at Avenel-Nagambie Road and Longwood Road for some time. Ms Symes said VicRoads had discussed solutions with nearby businesses and residents and she is keen for residents to supply VicRoads with their feedback on the proposed design works. It is expected that new line markings will help drivers navigate this connection which links to the level crossing over Longwood Road, and clear up confusion over who has priority and right of way. The pavement will also be resurfaced to make this section of road safer and smoother for motorists. VicRoads and Strathbogie Shire Council are working together to deliver the $40,000 package of works, that will take about two weeks to complete. Traffic controls will be in place during the works and motorists are advised to comply with any changed traffic conditions. The Avenel community has led this safety upgrade and should be congratulated, Ms Symes said. The community called for the intersection of Avenel-Nagambie Road and Longwood Road to be made safer and simpler to make it easier for drivers and to help prevent crashes and Labor has listened and delivering. Improving the AvenelNagambie Road and Longwood Road intersection is integral to ensuring community safety and listening to the concerns of residents who understand their roads and the risks associated with them, Strathbogie Shire mayor Amanda McClaren added.Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.