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REGIONS SCHOOLS TO GET AN EXTRA $4.7 MILLION UNDER GOVERNMENTS EDUCATION STATE INITIATIVE Almost 40 schools across the Goulburn Valley have received more than $4.69 million extra funding from the Victorian Government. The funding is across four years and is part of the governments attempt to make Victoria the education state. The three schools with the highest amount of funding are Shepparton High School ($728 520), St Georges Rd Primary School ($429 057) and Gowrie St Primary School ($389 911). Shepparton High School principal Phil Squire said the money would help support teachers and students. Were really excited about the opportunities and the options we can now consider which we wouldnt have been able to without the funding, he said. Finally weve got some needs-based funding. This will be focused on rasing the literacy and numeracy skills of students of primary schools (going) into secondary education. Continued on page 4 $4.7M funds boost GOULBURN VALLEY SCHOOLS WELCOME EXTRA CASH FROM NEXT YEAR Continued from page 1 Mr Squire said it was good to receive some extra funding because across the past four years there had been a great deal of money cut. Were already doing a really good job with minimal resources and now this money is going to allow us to do even better, he said. Its an exciting time for our school, were looking forward to the future for the next couple of years. Mr Squire said it was also good to see primary schools receive extra funding because it gave teachers muchneeded support to help students succeed. Kialla Central Primary School received one of the lowest amounts at $5000. But principal Debbie Humphries said it was good to know that they would have that extra bit of funding when planning for next year. Any additional funding is always well accepted, she said. The additional funding will help us gain a greater understanding of our students. State Member for Shepparton Suzanna Sheed said it was fantastic that Goulburn Valley region schools received significant funding over and above was targeted at disadvantaged institutions. Its recognising the extra help their normal annual budgets. She said the funding had come based on a recognition of disadvantage in regional and rural areas. Im delighted that this recognition of need is there and that our schools will be equipped to have programs to increase our young students opportunities, particularly in maths and science, she said. Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes said the schools had gained equity funding that that country schools need, she said. Youve got different dynamics in the country. Ms Symes said the government had decided funding based on an education state funding model that looked at key areas such as parents education levels, concentration of disadvantaged schools, parents occupations and Year 5 students NAPLAN results. She said the schools were currently doing a great job but this money would help them maintain necessary programs and improve student outcomes. This is going to be a welcome injection of funding for those country schools that are doing it a bit tough, she said. FUNDING BREAKDOWN Shepparton High School $728 520 St Georges Rd Primary School $429 057 Gowrie St Primary School $389 911 Bourchier St Primary School $365 224 Wilmot Rd Primary School $289 426 Wanganui Park Secondary College $285 621 Mooroopna Primary School $240 951 McGuire College $235 196 Mooroopna Secondary College $198 965 Verney Rd School $175 739 Numurkah Secondary College $165 688 Mooroopna Park Primary School $148 423 Nathalia Secondary College $138 357 Orrvale Primary School $115 818 Tatura Primary School $114 692 Nathalia Primary School $110 810 Guthrie Street Primary School $97 026 Numurkah Primary School$93 986 Katunga Primary School$59 808 Ardmona Primary School $41 758 Mooroopna North Primary School $38 971 Strathmerton Primary School $38 506 Katandra West Primary School $37 734 Grahamvale Primary School $37 000 Shepparton East Primary School $29 632 Kialla West Primary School $11 273 Congupna Primary School $10 075 Waaia Yalca South Primary School $9875 Tallygaroopna Primary School $9771 Toolamba Primary School $8961 Lemnos Primary School $6451 Currawa Primary School $5000 Zeerust Primary School $5000 Katunga South Primary School $5000 Dookie Primary School $5000 Kialla Central Primary School $5000 Wunghnu Primary School $5000