Court upgrades shooting hoops for regional netballers

01 Nov 2017 Mansfield Courier, Mansfield VIC (General News) JACLYN Symes (MLC, Northern Victoria) has announced almost $1.5 million worth of sporting upgrades will now get under way thanks to State Government funding from the Country Football Netball Program. Ms Symes said regional netball facilities were the big winners in the latest round of Labor Government funding. Ms Symes said the current Chiltern netball courts would be redeveloped with the removal of the current single court and would be replaced with two new compliant courts with lighting to 200 lux for competition. Ms Symes said Tallangatta would receive a second concrete court with an acrylic surface at Rowen Park Recreation Reserve, and Glenrowan Recreation Reserve Kelly Tigers netball courts would relocate with construction of a new court with 100 lux lighting closer to the amenities at the site. Kelly Park Netball Centre, Wodonga will undergo a nine court upgrade to make sure they are compliant. Ive visited most of these facilities and they were due for an overhaul or major upgrade, Ms Symes said. Country netball continues to grow and these clubs deserve to have proper facilities to train and play on, thats why I worked closely with Sports Minister John Eren to secure this funding. Country netballers deserve to have access to the safe, modern facilities they truly deserve and I am pleased the government is delivering for these local clubs. Country clubs have bred some of our nations greatest sporting champions and were giving them the facilities they need to continue this proud tradition. Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.