Environmental grants now available

16 May 2018 Benalla Ensign, Benalla VIC (General News) The state government is helping environmental groups in Benalla and the north east to protect and restore Victorias land and environment. State Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes recently announced that environmental volunteer groups can now access Victorian Landcare Grants of up to $20 000 as part of the 2018/19 program. Start-up grants of $500 are also available for new and existing groups to help with operating costs and provide a base for Landcare and community-based natural resource management in northern Victoria. The grants are available to Landcare, Friends of Coastcare and other environment volunteer groups to support the important work they do in protecting and restoring our land and environment. These grants are supporting the community and volunteer groups in Northern Victoria give back to the environment, Ms Symes said. Since it started more than 30 years ago, Landcare has made a vital contribution to Northern Victorias environment and Labor is helping them continue to deliver this important work. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in Labor Government landcare grants have been provided to Northern Victorias landcare and environment groups to support the fantastic work they do. The funding will be delivered through Victorias 10 catchment management authorities, who will coordinate applications from Landcare and other environmental volunteer groups and networks. The state government also supports Landcare with funding for 78 facilitators, 10 regional coordinators and communications including the Victorian Landcare magazine, Victorian Landcare awards and Landcare Gateway website. The Victorian Landcare Grants support the implementation of Protecting Victorias Environment Biodiversity 2037, the Labor Governments long-term plan for environmental protection. For more information on the grants go to environment.vic.gov.au/grants