Funding boost for Reverb

Reverb Benalla is one of 15 programs across Victoria that will benefit from funding as part of the State governments FReeZA program. They will receive $24 500 to build on the success of the existing FReeZA program by providing young people in Benalla with an opportunity to participate in a range of training, arts, cultural and musical events. State Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes announced the funding as part of the $7.2 million FReeZA program. Ms Symes said 15 local government areas would share in nearly $400 000 in funding from the state government for their FreeZA events. FReeZA is an innovative youth development program providing opportunities for young Victorians aged 12 to 25 to enjoy drug, alcohol and smoke-free events. FReeZA also funds The Push an independent youth music and event management organisation that helps young people organise their own live events. Young people are encouraged to participate and perform in FReeZA events, but also to get involved behind the scenes to learn skills that may lead to employment in the arts and music industry. FReeZA is a great way for young people to get hands-on experience in setting up events whether it be live music shows, BMX expos or art and short film competitions but also to celebrate their talent, Ms Symes said. Programs like FReeZA open up opportunities for young country kids in different ways by building skills, creating jobs and supporting young musicians and artists perform in their local communities. Congratulations to the 15 local councils for their successful applications to this funding round of FReeZA I look forward to seeing the program come to life throughout Northern Victoria. Organising FReeZA activities has given hundreds of young Victorians the opportunity to develop their skills and workplace experience, so they can go on to gain further employment or education qualifications in similar fields. The FReeZA program is just one way that the state governments Youth Policy: Building Stronger Youth Engagement in Victoria is being actioned, providing an opportunity for young people to influence policy, services and programs that affect them.