Help for victims of violence

The Victorian Government is supporting thousands of family violence victim-survivors by providing practical help to support them leave violent relationships. Statistics released last year showed Benalla has one of the highest rates of family violence in Victoria. A portion of this funding, more than $510 000, will go to the Centre Against Violance, which addresses the issue of family violence in Benalla and across the north east. State Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes recently announced more than $3 million in funding for Northern Victorian agencies to support victim survivors of family violence. The funding is part of an additional $40 million in funding from the state for more flexible support packages to assist with expenses faced by those escaping family violence. More than 5000 additional victim-survivors of family violence across Victoria are expected to access packages up to $10 000, which can be used to cover costs, such as rent, home alarms, CCTV, clothing, beds, books, medication and education. Flexible support packages, which help case managers work with survivors through early in tervention, crisis and recovery to assist with ongoing safety, stability and recovery, are delivered by family violence support service providers. The safety, security and wellbeing of victim-survivors is our top priority thats why Labor have invested record fund ing to help end family violence, Ms Symes said. Every Victorian deserves to feel safe in their own homes and these packages support women in crisis situations escape family violence and set up a safe home for themselves and their children. We want victim-survivors to regain a sense of confidence and safety after the trauma of family violence and we will be there to support them on their journey of recovery. Family violence remains our scourge, and no community is immune. This Labor funding ensures that those in Northern Victoria get the support they need to live a life free of violence. This funding, which was provided in the Victorian Budget 2018/19, supports the delivery of a number of recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Since announcing this initiative in January 2016, the state government has allocated more than $64 million for more than 19 000 flexible support packages.