New jobs hub opens

29 Aug 2018 Wangaratta Chronicle, Wangaratta VIC (General News) Local opportunity as Benalla pre-cast facility seeks workforce WANGARATTA is set to benefit from the massive job opportunities opening up with the construction of Benallas new pre-cast concrete manufacturing facility. A pop up job information office was opened by Jaclyn Symes (MLC, Northern Victoria) on Monday morning at 59 Carrier Street, Benalla. The $60 million facility is forecast to create 400 jobs with at least half of them on the site. The job office will have information on the variety of positions available including supervisors, leading hands, labourers, quality managers, cabinet makers, boiler makers and administrators. The precast facility will be capable of producing up to 1500 tonnes of concrete product per day at peak capacity. It will include three massive sheds, 300 car parks for workers, a new substation to power the site, office space and more than 20 water tanks to capture over 500,000 litres of rainwater for use on site. The precast facility will initially provide over 65,000 concrete products for the massive West Gate Tunnel Project and is expected to be a long term supplier to the regional market as well as other major infrastructure and interstate projects. The Benalla precast facility will be a massive jobs winner for the North East region creating up to 400 jobs, Ms Symes said. Labor had to fight hard for these jobs as the Liberal and National Party, including the local National Party member Steph Ryan, tried to use Parliament to stop this project. This is a great opportunity for the people of Benalla and North East Victoria, and I know we have a lot of skilled workers who want to work locally and many who want to return to their home of North East Victoria for this work opportunity.