Vested interest in the safety of all our rider

WANGARATTA Pony Club has shared in more than $370,000 in funding under the latest round of health promotion foundation VicHealths Active Club Grants, to encourage more people to get physically active. The club received $2880 to help purchase safety vests for riders that will protect ribs and prevent serious injury in the case of falling off the horse. The vests will be used at the Friday night freshmans social events, which will begin this year, and will encourage members of the community to come and have a go at jumps in a light competition. Everyone must bring their own horse, but for those who dont have or cant afford a vest, the newly acquired pony club vests will be available in various sizes. Kylie Creed from the Wangaratta Pony Club said the vests cost $300 each, and they can be used by all riders. It is soon going to be mandatory to wear these safety vests while jumping, Ms Creed said. The Friday night events will be held at the Wangaratta Pony Club on Shanley Street with dates yet to be announced. Labor Upper House member Jaclyn Symes (MLC, Northern Victoria) said the latest round of grants will make a significant difference to clubs and help more residents get involved in community sport. We want to support locals to get active and embrace a healthy lifestyle, no matter what age, gender or ability, Ms Symes said. For anyone interested, the pony club meets on the fourth Sunday of every month and new members are always welcome contact [email protected] or call 0418 378 827.