We have entered new age

06 Dec 2017 Benalla Ensign, Benalla VIC (Letters) Im glad that Diwi Bekins has the foresight to gratefully go on learning (Response letter published November 29). To ensure there is no confusion in her or any others readers minds let me clarify the situation. I equivocally assert that we have entered a new age. The same-sex marriage debate with its resounding YES vote clearly showed that most Australians are in favour of same-sex marriage. The fact that it will become law very soon further shows that this matter will not be obstructed or procrastinated any longer. It is, after all, what the majority of Australians want. In the same way the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill was passed in the Victorian State Parliament Upper House last Wednesday. State Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes advised that the will of the public had been implemented. I am quite sure that both these historic pieces of Legislation would surely identify a new age. In relation to nudity issues Diwi Bekins may like to attend Benalla Rural City Council and ask them to explain their position on nudity on the following issues: The motivation for the present mayor Don Firth to appear nude in an all-male nude calendar depicting himself and other Benalla businessmen some years ago; An art exhibition held in Benalla that depicted live three naked menstruating women eating a plate of roast beef; The Benalla Festival in 2013 and 2014 highlighting, as part of the Benalla Festival, nude bike rides around the CBD of Benalla where naked patrons assembled at the Post Office (now the Council Offices) and rode around a designated city route; The Benalla Art Gallery holding an exhibition called Benalla Nude where the prizemoney of $20 000 was donated by Benalla Rural City Council, the winning entry featuring two naked women in a homoerotic pose, which according to the artist, was highlighting the question of gay marriage. Entries depicting nudes not hung in the art gallery were hung in participating businesses around the Benalla CBD. A female stripping naked in the art gallery as a live exhibit, with no male counterpart, could be seen as openly depicting females only as a naked sexual object and the sole purpose of objectifying females; and An art exhibition held in the Benalla Art Gallery in 2017 titled Nude In Nature depicting males and females in various poses in natural setting in nature. As one can see, the question of public nudity in the Benalla Rural City Council responsibility zone is not confined solely to Nudemanfest at all. Perhaps if you want to walk naked in the main street Diwi you should first ask the council their protocols that they have employed in the past to make this situation a reality. Diwi Bekins is entitled to hold her Christian beliefs, but please leave sanctimonious judgment in the closet. Kevin Smith Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.