You take it on because they rely on you

25 Oct 2017 McIvor Times, Heathcote VIC (General News) by Lachlan Durling ITS people like us that are looking after our family. Not the government. Taking a day off from her duties to attend a carers lunch, Marisa Dallalana sits and takes time to talk with other carers in the area, something she seldom gets to do. She made a promise to her mother shed never put her in a nursing home and she kept that promise, caring for her full time. After the death of her mother she thought shed have time to herself, until she was involved in a car accident which seriously injured her husband. She was a carer again, unpaid and looking after her husband. After the accident I only had a bad shoulder but the car was a complete write-off. Adding to this, Marisa has an acre of land to look after between running errands and caring. My husband cant do much, he doesnt even want to go in the car to get his medicine. Social outings have become few and far between, as Mr Dallalana doesnt get many visitors Marisa said any time socialising is usually while running errands. But I love looking after people, I believe being a carer for your family is better than having someone else looking after your loved ones. Its one of those things that just happens, you take it on because they rely on you. CARERS LUNCH THE carers lunch last Monday at Barrack Reserve was a hit. After a presentation by MP Jaclyn Symes and Carers Victoria, guests enjoyed a lunch to celebrate the official launch of Carers Week. Carers from around town shared their stories as they were thanked for their contributions. Caption Text: ? Marisa Dallalana has few opportunities for social outings. ? Helen Johnson and Jean Saunders. Margaret Lumby and Kathy Warren. Lorraine Binney, Cheryl Connally and Rita Traynor. Ainslie Sefton and Linda Cornelissen. Carers Victoria chief executive Glenn Campbell addresses the audience. Carers listen to a presentation. Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.